I’m Hima Batavia. A writer, artist, co-creator, and community organizer based in T’karonto.

Afternoon Dreams is a weekly space where I write our collective freedom into being by exploring the spiritual, cultural, and political realms of reality and sharing my own journey and process of awakening.

I’m here for my liberation, yours and ours.

Current guiding thoughts:

Inspired by: how weird we all truly are, and concerned about how little space there is in our sanitized world to be weird.

Believe in: divine intelligence.

Value: community, interdependence, and self-awareness.

Learning to: love deeper, be more honest with myself and others, not be ruled by my thoughts, and communicate with species/beings/guides across time and space.

Hope to: protect all that is sacred.

Enraged by: social injustice and abusive power. Sometimes, I am able to channel that energy into writing, advocating, and creating new realities into being. Other times, I’m just angry, or sad.

Think that: the most important skill we can learn as leaders is to understand how power can harm and heal.

My favorite state: is to laugh so much that I am crying, so that really, I can actually have my cry.

I am: both a content loner, desperate for solitude, and crave the energy of being on a stage with 1000 people looking at me (Taurus sun, Libra rising, Leo moon).

I can: meditate for 6 hours, maybe more. I told my partner I’m going silent after 50. He has 14 years left to talk to me.

Death or: Chocolate digestives, mangoes, hot water, sauna

I’m here to: heal, for the collective and my lineage, to return to myself and my wild nature - everything else is a bonus.

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