#19 - protect and love our Asian women

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Hi! I’m Hima Batavia - a writer, cultural producer, artist, and community organizer based in T’karonto and the great infinite. This newsletter is a space to write liberated futures into being. You can learn more about me, my social location, and this newsletter here.

Hold each other close. In this time of the spring equinox, of seeds of futurity and freedom and liberation and collectivity unfurling before us, we, as the land and part of the land, are cleansing ourselves of toxicity, of hate, of dehumanization, patriarchal control, of white supremacy, bud by bud. The healing is messy, grounded by divine intelligence. The anger, the rage, could split your lungs in half. The grief could swallow you whole, spit you out, and swallow you again. The despair will test your will, your belief, your connection to your ancestors, over and over.

Love IS the power. Trust IS the control. Hold each other close. Stroke your heart gently.

Delaina Ashley Yaun

was out for date night with her husband, who she recently got married to. She was a Waffle House server and grill operator who came to work every morning blasting gospel music from her cellphone. Often, she would let folks without shelter into Waffle House, treating them to meals, and sometimes offering them a shower and clothes at her home. A friend described her as someone who ‘had a light around her that just drew you in.’ Delaina is a mother to an 8-month-old baby girl and teenage son.

Xiaojie Tan

was a licensed massage therapist and cosmetologist and entrepreneur/business owner of two spas in Georgia. She emigrated to the US from China years prior and was likely celebrating the recent graduation of her daughter from the University of Georgia. She was to turn 50 this week.

Daoyou Feng

had recently started working at the massage parlor a few short months ago and it seems folks are still trying to track down their family.

Hyun Jung Grant

was a single mother who packed up her life in South Korea, and brought her two sons, Randy (23) and Eric, to the US, who they call their mom and best friend. The sons are worried about how they will manage rent and food, without their mother’s income.

Julie Park

was a lady working at the massage parlour in her 70s

*It’s been noted that its possible some women had to change their names to protect themselves, especially if undocumented, who

Analysis + Lived Experience + Rage by Erna Kim Hackett

white supremacy and entitlement

law enforcement protects white lives

law enforcement portrays whiteness as innocent

patriarchy and white male sexual fantasy and fragility

Asian patriarchy

white woman purity culture

Asian woman hypersexuality and fetishization

women’s bodies problematized

american and Chinese militarism and imperialism

Trumpism and anti-Asian sentiments

unprotected migrant sex workers

poor Asian immigrant woman invisibility

poor Asian immigrant woman dehumanization

respectability politics

Writing + Illustrations + Lived Experiences + Real Life by Chanel Miller