Mar 18

#62 - a clearing

Loneliness and springs promise of renewal

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Artist // Tae Parvit

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a little note

I’m playing around with this space to give it some new life, some new energy. Maybe it’s the natural rhythm of spring bubbling up inside of me. Instead of writing this week I’m sending you a voice note.

Listen to me ramble and reflect on why do so many of us feel so lonely right now? I don’t think there is anything inherently ‘wrong’ with loneliness - it is a feeling, a state, an experience, with information encoded inside. But, what is it trying to tell us (tell me?)


rain’s memory

it has been three days and it is still raining. i don’t think it will stop. not this year. there is too much to cleanse. to clear. the slate is thick with film and I can not see the beginning anymore. but i know it is there. i don’t know how i know but something tells me our origins never die. even if they are twisted and tainted in bad faith. hidden and hollowed in weak faith.

we remember to remember.

it is storming now. the clouds are pregnant with our memories. pillows of ancestral dreams are poured over us to remember. we curl up inside ourselves to remember how this all started. how it sparkled. how it still sparkles. an origin never dies because it is why the light is made.

on the horizon, between sky and salt, we meet and begin again.